Which Lucky Celeb has his Order in for the Bugatti Chiron??

When it comes to limited edition supercars, the businesses that make them don’t exactly wait to start taking orders.

Case in point: Dutch DJ Afrojack has supposedly already put in his order for the all-new Chiron, having purchased his after a personal viewing recently held in London.


That Bugatti is already taking down orders implies the Chiron should be close to all set. We’ve currently heard rumours that the Chiron will resemble a less bonkers variation of the GT concept, and we’re more than fine with that.

When it comes to power there could be approximately 1,500 hp and a top speed of 286 mph from a hybrid W16 engine total with electrical turbochargers. As for the cost, well it’s most likely going to be huge offered the tech, performance and restricted production run.

Source: CarBuzz

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