What’s the Best Supercar You’ve Never Heard Of?

It Could Quite Possibly Be the $950,000 Zenvo ST1

Made in Denmark it certainly appears to have the creds: over 1000hp, 7.0 liter supercharged & turbocharged V8 engine, 0-62 in 3.0sec and a max speed of 233mph.

Not too bad. Unless you saw an early version of this car on Top Gear UK when it set on fire during their test, which understandably made the boys give it a bit of stick…

But it’s all teething problems right? And with just a handful being made if exclusivity is your bag then it’d be right up your street.

So, which vid do you want to see? The first one which is a promo teaser from the company, or the second one which is the car setting on fire?? You choose!

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