Chinese Kids Driving Supercars – the New Wave of Ultra Rich!

From Inside the Secret Southern California Meet-up!

More and more children of the Chinese wealthy elite are being sent to the US for a Western education, and they certainly don’t want to slum it whilst they’re there!

This vid comes from inside one of the meets at discreet private parties, where the first boy to be interviewed confirms he has 3 Ferraris and he got the Ferrari California because he’s studying in California!


The car park looks like the who’s who of supercars, and they’re just the icing on the cake of the flaunting of wealth; for these kids money really is no object!

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Not happy with the ‘standard’ versions of the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador, many of these wealthy Asian youngsters then turn to customizers to make their cars even more unique, using vinyl wraps and other bespoke features.

As they say they don’t like to show off in public too much, hence the private meets, and they’ll make do with an Audi or similar to go to college in…

Check it out!

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