Awesome Looking Fenyr SuperSport to Be Unveiled in Dubai

Lykan Hypersport gets a new 1000HP Brother

Dubai based manufacturers W Motors, who already have the Lykan Hypersport under their belts, are set to unveil this amazing looking supercar in Dubai next week.


The quote on W Motor’s website reads: “The earth will shake violently, trees will be uprooted, mountains will fall and all binds will snap – Fenyr will be free.”

Although not free of charge obviously; although it’ll be set to be somewhat of a bargain compared to it’s big brother, costing a mere $1,000,000, with only 25 to be made in an extremely limited production run.


With over 1000 hp it’s bound to have ferocious performance, but we haven’t been told the exact figures yet. Whatever they are – this is set to be another great looking hypercar – even if the chances of seeing one in real life are next to nothing!

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