5 Ways YOU Can Live The Sports Car Lifestyle

It may not be that far out of reach, with a little imagination, determination and taking action!

1) Buy a second hand bargain

As car manufacturers’ progress in leaps and bounds what was yesterday’s latest greatest model is now left quickly outdated, often with a price tag to match. A quick search on a used car site for example immediately throws up a ’98 2.5l Porsche Boxster in black with under 100k miles for just $6,499…


After you’ve done a bit of bargaining you’d likely be on the road for under $6k, which is incredible considering this car new would have set you back nearly $50,000.

So if you’re wanting a sports car on a budget then get searching as they may come in cheaper than you’d imagined!

2) Win Your Dream Car

If only the latest model will do, how about trying to win your dream car? UK company BOTB (Best of the Best) run weekly draws, offering the chance to win a range of amazing motors. With over 180 cars to choose from at varying ticket prices there’s something for everyone.

Although based in the UK you can play from any country and their winners hail from all over the globe. Here’s a quick vid of a lucky winner in 2015 getting his Aston Martin delivered…

They’re currently offering a free £5 play for people who new members so there isn’t a better time to get involved!

3) Be born / Marry into Wealth

If you haven’t already been born into wealth there’s little chance now, but that doesn’t stop some from hunting out riches and marrying into it! And the good news is whether your male, female, gay or straight this is an equal opportunity occupation!

Famous examples include Heather Mills who married Sir Paul McCartney in 2002; 4 years later they divorced and off she went with $50 million of his money (even though she was trying to get $250 million in the settlement…)


Kevin Federline did it for the men when the former backing dancer married Britney Spears in 2004… unsurprisingly under two years later they were divorced and he walked away with $20k per month child support; not too shabby for a couple of years work!1102165

Head over to page 2 now for two more ways to live the sports car lifestyle…

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